The winter festival will be held in the capital
January turned out to be hard and protracted, we suggest doing a reboot in the fresh air.
This weekend, the Winter Festival will be held in the atmospheric place of the capital "ESIL CAMP".

On January 29-30, winter fun and delicious treats in the fresh air are prepared for everyone.

Ticket price:
3500 tenge - adult
1500 tenge - children's
Admission is free for children under 5 years old

The ticket price includes:

-samovar tea and baursaks (1 cup of tea +1 serving of baursaks)
-games and activities
-winter slide
-photo zones
-bonfire zones, yurts with heating

Tickets can be purchased on the Ticket website.


 The state of emergency has ceased in the capital
The state of emergency has ceased in the capital.

At the same time, restrictions on entry and exit from the regions, restrictions on freedom of movement, as well as a curfew from 23:00 to 07:00 have been lifted.

However, due to the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, quarantine restrictions remain in the city (for more information, see the previous publication).

Please take precautions, wear masks and use antiseptic.


Congratulations on the New Year 2022!
Congratulations on the New Year 2022! May all your wishes come true and this year will bring only joyful events!


We found out what our citizens of the capital dream about.
All the innermost desires in our selection


We have a long weekend ahead!

In honor of Independence Day, Kazakhstanis will rest on December 16, 17, 18, 19 ice skating at the EXPO, fireworks and much more are waiting for us!

Save a selection of the coolest events for the holidays so that you don't miss anything.


Santa Claus is already in the capital!


We have made for you a selection of the most interesting events of this week!


The winter horse riding season, organized by the @at_travel.kz club and the Bozo Museum begins in Zheruyk Park. This Saturday alone, in honor of the opening, a horse ride will cost only 1,000 tenge. Hot tea, baursaks and an event with a display of Kazakh national traditions are waiting for you!

When: November 27, 10:00-00:00
Where: Zheruyyk Park


A starfall is predicted in the capital. Popular artists will perform in  the capital.


Keep a selection of the most exciting events of this week


The capital's hockey club "Barys" @barys_official will turn 22 on November 26.
In honor of this event, a series of home matches will be held on November 23, 25 and 27.
Tickets on the tickets2.hcbarys website.kz and at the box office of Barys Arena.


On November 21, 2005, members of the Kazakhstan-Antarctica-2005 sports expedition took to the second nameless summit of Antarctica and assigned the name "Astana" — to the fair capital of Kazakhstan (now transferred to Nur-Sultan).


Winter city


✔ Today is November 18 - Guinness World Records Day!

✔ We also have an achievement, the Khan Shatyr shopping center with a height of 150 meters entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest tent in the world.

✔ Ailand Aquarium entered the book of records as the most remote aquarium from the ocean in the whole world


Spin the carousel and become the first to see the premieres of the capital's theaters

- Ballet "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
on November 19, 20,
Astana Opera

-Ballet "Capriccio for piano and orchestra" and "Arcana of Fate"
on November 27, 28
Astana Ballet

Tickets tiketon.kz

Which of these premieres would you attend?

Photo @astanaballet @astana_opera


Kazakhstan celebrates the National Currency Day
Congratulations on the National Currency Day!

On November 15, 1993, tenge became a new unit of account in the country.

The choice of the name of the national currency caused a lot of controversy: there were variants of "altyn", "aksha", "tanga". It was planned to name the Kazakh currency and "som" – this is how the Soviet ruble was designated in translation into Kazakh on Soviet banknotes.

After Kyrgyzstan introduced the Kyrgyz som in 1993, the name "tenge" was adopted. This is the historical name of medieval Turkic silver coins "dengue" or "tanga".


Winter fairy tale in the capital
Briefly about the weather in the capital - precipitation in the form of beautiful snowflakes is possible.


Starry night over Nur-Sultan
If Van Gogh had lived in Nursultan


The capital will host a screening of Banff Mountain Film Festival documentaries
Let's imagine the capital if we had mountains

Unfortunately, we do not have mountains, but the capital will host a screening of documentaries Banff Mountain Film Festival

It is a well-known film festival presenting documentaries about adventures, active sports and environmental protection.

Date: November 16, 17
Place: Chaplin Mega Silk way

Tickets on  ticketon.kz website.


Time to laugh. Kazakh comedian Evgeny Chebatkov will hold a stand-up concert in Nur-Sultan. Concert tickets will be a great New Year's gift

When: December 18, 2021
Where: Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Tickets on the website chbtkv.com